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April 2014
Arrow Leadership makes new appointment.

"Led more by Jesus,
lead more like Jesus
& lead more to Jesus."

The International Arrow Alliance

Arrow was launched in North America and has expanded to the United Kingdom, Poland, Norway, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland. The Arrow Alliance is a network of leadership development programs training leaders around the world to be led more by Jesus, lead more like Jesus and lead more to Jesus. 

Arrow believes in "Kingdom seeking, not empire building" and encouraging leaders to work together.  As a ministry the International Arrow Alliance models this through strategic partnerships.  The Arrow Alliance vision is to train leaders worldwide by allowing leaders in countries around the world to implement the Arrow model in their local contexts.

International partners in the Arrow Alliance receive:

For further details on this unique round-the-world network, contact the Arrow Alliance office in North America or email

or learn more about the Arrow International programs using the following links

Arrow Denmark

Arrow Ireland

Arrow New Zealand

Arrow North America

Arrow Norway

Arrow Poland

Arrow United Kingdom

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