Arrow Leadership Alliance Gathers

Cath Tallack Program Director, Emerging Leaders Program and Di Feldman, Chair of Arrow Leadership Australia joined with Arrow representatives from Canada, Denmark, England, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Poland and the United States of America in Vancouver Canada last month.

Celebrating all that God has done through the international ministry of Arrow over the last 26 years and dreaming as to what might be possible in the coming years, Program Directors and governance representatives experienced a profound sense of unity as they worshipped, prayed, reflected, workshopped, debated and encouraged together.

Di Feldman shared, “Our time together, as leaders within governance, was deeply relational and profoundly rich spiritually. It was also practical, considering topics including models of governance, growing and strengthening governance, contemporary fundraising approaches, branding, global platform and global considerations.

Cath Tallack, who was participating in the Alliance for the first time, reflected, “The Arrow Alliance meeting was like coming home to a family meeting, with members of a family who share a passion and a vision to see emerging leaders across the world be led more by Jesus, lead more like Jesus and lead more to Jesus.”

“The items for discussion amongst the program directors included developing and empowering evangelists, adult learning strategies and coaching and mentoring. We also spent time sharing with one another new ideas, projects, resources and encouraging and cheering one another on as we continue to walk the road together toward seeing more Christian leaders empowered to lead more deeply and influence more widely."

The Alliance has planned to next gather in New Zealand in February 2020.