Christian Super and Arrow Leadership award sponsorship for 2021

Premier Christian leadership and development organisation Arrow Leadership and ethical superannuation fund Christian Super announces the winner of their annual Arrow Leadership sponsorship, reflecting Christian Super’s ongoing commitment to provide valuable education and development opportunities for their members.

Arrow Leadership Executive Director Liam Glover commented, “Christian Super’s commitment to investing strategically in the development of their members reflects their desire to impact deeply, broadly and generationally.  Leaders who are led more by Jesus will lead more like Jesus and, ultimately, will lead more to Jesus. I celebrate our strategic partnership with Christian Super.”

The Education Executive Leaders program sponsorship is awarded to Michelle Haughney, Learning Leader at Northern Beaches Christian School in New South Wales.

Michelle shared, “This sponsorship has opened a door and the prospect of a brighter future. I am looking forward to being part of such an incredible program and journey where I can meet and learn with others. I believe that being a teacher and a leader is a privilege and I have no doubt that this program will play a key role in shaping me for the better.”

Astrid Dare, Christian Super Chief Member Experience Officer is delighted to partner with Arrow Leadership to connect members to the opportunity to develop themselves through Arrow as a Jesus centred leader.