Christian Super awards three Arrow Leadership scholarships for 2020

Ethical superannuation fund Christian Super has announced the winners of their annual Arrow Leadership scholarships, as part on an ongoing commitment to provide valuable education and development opportunities for their members.

Arrow Leadership Executive Director Liam Glover commented: “Christian Super’s commitment to investing in the development of their members reflects their desire to impact deeply, broadly and generationally.  Leaders who are led more by Jesus will lead more like Jesus and, ultimately, will lead more to Jesus. I celebrate our strategic partnership with Christian Super.”

This year’s scholarship for the Not For Profit Executive Leaders program was awarded to Chris Dickons, Director of Community Impact at Korus Connect in Victoria.  He is looking forward to challenging his current perspectives, ideas and practices around leadership.

The Education Executive Leaders program scholarship was awarded to Katie Greenhalgh, who is the Principal of Austin Cove Baptist College in Western Australia.  As a newly appointed Principal, Katie is looking forward to an executive development opportunity where she will be learning surrounded by likeminded people, all experiencing and learning about leadership together.

Lisa Robb, the Associate Pastor for Children at Mosaic Baptist Church in the Australian Capital Territory, was the inaugural winner of the Christian Super scholarship for the Emerging Leaders program. 

Lisa said: “Through the Arrow program, I am hoping to bring more balance to my learning, in not just understanding what I believe God is calling us to, but how to better communicate this and bring others along with me.  I want my church community to experience the flow down effect of great leadership, that is, confident and capable leaders who are able to better empower and release others into their callings.”

Christian Super Chief Member Officer Nathan Buttigieg said: “Christian Super has always looked for ways to serve our members as they seek to follow their personal calling and this opportunity with Arrow is no exception.  We believe Arrow Leaderships programs are perfectly placed to equip individuals for the next challenge and look forward to seeing the progress each scholarship winner makes in pursuing the next stage of their calling.”