CMA Integrity Certification Award

Arrow Leadership Australia Ltd has been recognised as one of the Foundation Partners of the CMA Standards Council. Supporters can be confident that their support of Arrow Leadership, in whatever form, is utilised purposefully to engage, stretch and release Christian leaders to transform communities throughout Australia and beyond.

As an accredited organisation, Arrow Leadership complies with high standards of financial and organisational integrity expressed in the Principles and Standards of Responsible Stewardship.

Stephen Kerr, Executive Director of the CMA Standards Council shared, “I congratulate Arrow Leadership on your achievement and on your commitment to good governance, transparency and accountability.”

“By becoming one of the CMA Standards Council’s Foundation Partners you are sending a clear message to your staff, your donors, your volunteers, your leadership and the people who benefit from your mission that you value them and are committed to serving them to the best of your ability.”

Executive Director of Arrow Leadership, Liam Glover commented, “Stephen’s thoroughness in approach and passion for ensuring above reproach policies and procedures affirmed Arrow’s commitment to integrity in pursuing it’s mission of developing Christians leaders for transformation in their spheres of influence.”

Stephen continued, “At the same time, you (Arrow) are also lifting up the whole of the body of Christ to the watching world to show that Christian organisations take their responsibilities seriously and want to be the best of corporate citizens.”

The Certification was received at CMA’s Business Breakfast earlier this month in Melbourne.