Has the Lord Not Gone Before You?

Trusting God with your Leadership

by Cath Tallack

[3 minute read]


As I meet and talk with leaders in this season, the conversation is starting to change. At the beginning of the COVID-19 season, we were talking about agility and reinvention in leadership. A few weeks ago, we were talking about burn out from change and insecurity in isolation. Now the conversation is all about how to lead people and ourselves out of this unprecedented season and into the “new normal” - whatever that looks like. A prayer I have prayed and heard prayed frequently in the past few weeks is, “God, go before us.” I want to assure you, right now, wherever and whoever you are in leadership, there is a way to know God is going before you – keeping reading…

Deborah has to be one of my favourite Biblical leaders – she is a tough, no nonsense, decision maker who inspired the title of this blog when she says to her army commander – “Has not the Lord gone before you?” (Judges 4:14).

In Judges 4, Deborah and her commander Barak are facing an impossible battle. The Lord has led Sisera, the commander of Jabin’s army to the banks of the Kishon River, and at the beginning of the iron age, Deborah and Barak are facing a skilled army in iron chariots with picks and shovels wielded by farmers. It looks impossible so Barak looks at his leader and says, “Are you sure?”. Deborah, full of confidence and faith replies, “Has not the Lord gone before you?”

Now, you’ve got to sympathise with Barak here, because, well, how do you know? How do you know unequivocally that God has gone ahead of you? Barak is looking down at the valley and he sees 900 iron chariots and Sisera, the infamous leader of this ferocious and violent army, and Deborah says – “Has not the Lord gone before you?”

Have you ever felt like you are facing an impossible situation in leadership? Have you ever found yourself looking down at an upcoming battle and thought, “How am I going to do this?” If a giant cloud came down from heaven in front of Barak’s face and started blowing up chariots right when Deborah gives her advice then - sure, he’d know God had gone ahead of him but that’s not necessarily how God works in the everyday, is it?

So how can you tell that God has gone ahead of you? Deborah seems to think it’s pretty clear and here is why I think she’s so confident. If you’re following God, then who’s ahead of you? If you are intentionally walking behind Jesus, then who is ahead of you? It seems simple right? Deborah had done everything God told her to do and now facing the battle she knows, that she is going in behind God - he has gone ahead of her.

We might not know what we’re going to face in the future, tomorrow or even this afternoon. So our job as leaders, as disciples, as followers of Jesus is to make sure we’re walking in obedience. Choosing what’s right even though we don’t see him yet, trusting that God is in this battle, trusting that He is at work in ways that we don’t know nor understand – fighting for us to not only survive but to thrive.

How do you know that God has gone ahead of you in leadership, in decisions, in ministry, in life? Because you are following Him. (And that’s why we at Arrow Leadership are committed in helping leaders to be led more by Jesus!)

Some questions to consider…

  • If you’re facing a leadership battle right now, are you confident that you are in a fact following God?
  • And if you are not, what has taken you off course? (Perhaps that little bit of pride, impatience, weakness, unfaithfulness.)
  • So what changes are required to get back on course in order to know that you are behind the greatest designer of life and circumstance there ever could be?

God is able to go before. Are you prepared to follow?