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Cath Tallack

The word plateauing provokes an image of staying the same, but in reality, plateauing leaders are really in decline. Are you at risk of plateauing in your leadership and what can you do to turn it around?

Martin Conway

Do you want to start 2020 fresh? Maybe you need to begin by looking behind you.

Mike Stevens

It’s January and before you know it Easter will be upon us. How do you make the most of the first month of 2020?

Em Seinemeier

Are you going through the motions of leadership without considering the need for learning? How would you answer the questions in this blog?

Liam Glover

What do Christmas leadings look like through a festive framework of Gifts, Holidays and Decorations?

Peter Stone

What is the normal relationship between ministry and governance in Christian organisations? Could it be more like a tango than a tug-of-war?

Dr Tim Hawkes

Are you a revolutionary leader? Perhaps this leadership style is required because the definition of leadership has become corrupted by the world.

Liam Glover

As a leader with ADHD Liam knows the challenges and opportunities associated with focus and attention when leading. Here are a few things he’s discovered leading in light of his ADHD.

Ed Vaughan

Think you don’t need to worry about burn out? Think again…

Rachel Glover

There’s a huge rise in spouses working together in ministry. But how do you do it well for both the sake of your marriage and the fruitfulness of the organisation?

Mark Dean

Love isn’t something you immediately associate with leading others but Jesus makes it’s pretty clear that’s how He wants us to live our lives. How are you incorporating love into your leadership?

Liesel Houghton

How many e-mails do you have sitting in your inbox right now? You might not be aware of the stress and anxiety that is causing you – Take the Zero Inbox Challenge!

Peter Carolane

Leaders often build teams with people just like them but there is power in diversity. Why should you hire people not like you?

Cath Tallack

Have you felt the tension of who gets the glory in Christian Leaders? Is it all God, do I get some? How do you manage the tension of Gifts, God and Leadership?