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Arrow Leadership is passionate about equipping leaders in the everyday. We provide regular Leadership Blogs for the Australian Christian leadership context however they are easily transferrable by all leaders. Authors include the Arrow Staff, Board, Arrow leaders and other special guests.


As leaders we are constantly thinking about the future – missional outcomes, financial outcomes, relationship outcomes. And for those outcomes to be achieved we need to invest (or plant seeds) now, and then continue to tend those investments (or seeds) for them to flourish maximally.
We are thrilled and grateful to welcome Mike Stevens and Des Ong into their new roles as co-chairs of our board. Both Mike and Des have written to you to share about themselves and their hopes for their new roles.

Liam Glover

This experience caused me to wonder how “muscle memory” might be affecting (or disaffecting) my ability to be “transformed into his image with ever increasing glory” (2 Cor. 3:18) as I read the book that points people toward Jesus living. Here are some spiritual practices / rhythms / disciplines that I share when teaching on Spiritual Disciplines at Arrow…

Rachel Glover

We have all lived through the past few years where the world literally changed. And with that change I’ve noticed a “it’s not my responsibility” vibe. How long can we really keep up the dialogue that blames Covid for everything? With this in mind I wonder if we can change that by living out two principles when dealing with our ‘customers’. (clients, staff, congregation, students, team members, even your family.)

Liam Glover

Recently at Arrow we had a culminating moment. We regularly hear extremely positive anecdotal feedback like, “Arrow changed my life!” and “I wouldn’t be in ministry or married now if it wasn’t for Arrow.” That’s great, but the data is a key part of the picture.

Cath Tallack

What does it look like for you, in your searching for what’s next, to ask God for your Macedonia? The very next step that He is leading you toward.

Kylie Butler

Our sense around receiving communication has also shifted. For instance, did our boss intentionally send us the email at that time? Does that full stop mean the sender is upset or angry with me? How many exclamation marks is too many?Sometimes we think we know exactly how the other person is communicating digitally, but there is often misunderstanding, anxiety and / or confusion about that person’s real intention.

Ken Morgan

Excellent leadership is not a matter of doing ‘okay’ leadership with greater speed and efficiency.  It’s about personal transformation that can’t be achieved by merely exposing our brains to a relentless barrage of information.  Transformation is about the deep change that liminality affords.

Kylie Butler and Chris Williams

Sometimes we think we know exactly how the other person is communicating digitally, but there is often some misunderstanding, anxiety, and confusion about what people are really saying because we don’t have the context of a head nod, eye contact, the smile or frown, inflection of voice or sighs. I’ve been reading Erica Dhawan’s ‘Digital Body Language’. I’m about 3/4 of the way through it and really loving it! Erica uses a Power Trust Matrix in her book as a guide for unpacking the dynamics of digital communication.

Liam Glover

“How Close Can You Get?” is a reflection on what we might be able to put in place, as leaders, to help us follow more closely the patterns and practices of behaviour Jesus exemplified in the Gospels. I encourage you to share it with those in your network for whom being led more by Jesus might be a word in season.

Kylie Butler

Kylie takes a moment to reflect on all that God did over our Executives first residential.

Liam Glover

With Christmas only a few days away, this week on the blog Liam Glover reflects on two biblical Christmas stories with which you are probably familiar, highlighting the inverted nature of the Kingdom of God revealed therein.

Cath Tallack

As we continue with our Christmas preparations for 2021 and plan who is sitting at our Christmas lunch, dinner, breakfast or brunch table, Cath Tallack encourages us as Christian leaders to consider who we are inviting to sit at the leadership table to have an impact for the Kingdom of God now and into the future.

Kylie Butler

Often in leadership our go to is to give advice but today on the blog Arrow Executive Leaders Program Director and Managing Director of Christian Coaching Institute, Kylie Butler encourages us to find power in our own leadership and empower others by asking better questions.

Elliot Keane

Fed with a steady diet of distraction and the daily grind of leadership responsibilities our creative abilities and passions are in many ways currently squashed. This week on the Blog Arrow State Leader Elliot Keane encourages us to lead with our imagination and a find a place where possibility resides, potential arises, new horizons emerge and where adventures await the courageous.

Erin Spavin

Can Jesus’ interactions with the disciples, post resurrection, teach us something about confronting our collective trauma?

Mark Dean

We've all been forced to fast track our plans to 'go digital' so how is it going? This week on the blog, Mark Dean, Online Pastor and Arrow State Leader shares his learnings and insights around what it looks like to lead online.

Liam Glover

On the blog this week, our Executive Director Liam Glover explores what it would look like to carry and represent the DNA of Jesus in our everyday life. Who would observe that we carry the DNA of Jesus?

Andy Mitchell

This week on the blog Arrow friend Andy Mitchell invites us to reconsider the way we engage with indigenous Australians for right relationships to flourish.

Mark Coleman

Potential is a strange burden to carry. Is your life shaped by unrealised potential? On today's blog current participant, Mark Coleman shares his story towards realising the potential of God's promise. And how Arrow helped.

Cath Tallack

The increasing pace of leading, decision making and living life inevitably leads to friction, which can pretty quickly become burnout. On the blog this week Emerging Leaders Program Director Cath Tallack shares lessons from her personal experience of burnout, speed and bringing glory to God, and how her time of stopping then returning to ministry through a season of Low Power Mode has enabled to recognise and prioritise the Sanctity of Slowness.

Liam Glover

Fatigue is a current reality that is overshadowing many leaders (and consequently many organisations). In today's blog, Liam Glover addresses this issue and suggests how Organisational Selah (or Low Power Mode) could respond to this very real issue.

Pastor Bong dela Fuente, Arrow Leadership Philippines

Resilience is a skill in which we can all grow and develop. Arrow Philippines Director Bong dela Fuente has led both the Arrow Program and the local church through considerably difficult circumstances this past year as COVID 19 has ravished his country and continues to impact the lives of those immediately around him. The resilience he has shown in leadership is impressive and inspiring and this week on the Arrow Australia blog Bong shares a challenge to us in leadership to tap into our stores of resilience to face the changes to come.

Liam Glover

This week on the blog Arrow Executive Director, Liam Glover talks quotients and asks some important questions about how we are leading. Which quotients are dominant in how we lead and which might need to be massaged a little more to enhance our leadership in the current assignment?

Jody Destry

All of us in Christian leadership understand the importance of self-care. However, all too often it falls to the bottom of the to do list because it feels selfish or indulgent. This week on the blog pastor, leader and Arrow presenter, Jody Destry talks about the impact of self-care not only on our own capacity as leaders but on those leading around us.

Kimberly Smith

Imagine yourself a hashtagger – to which aspects of your life would you attached the handle “do what you love”? Is your work included? This week on the blog Kim Smith encourages us all to accept and work on the gift that is allowing us to do what we love and love what we do.

Cath Tallack

God told Joshua to be Strong and Courageous and that’s what Joshua did - both with his leadership and his prayer life. This week on the Blog, Emerging Leaders Program Director Cath Tallack encourages us to consider our prayer life and whether our prayers reflect the God we’re praying to or whether we need to pray more boldly in and for the season of leadership in which God has placed us.

Liam Glover

In this week’s Easter leadership blog Executive Director Liam Glover encourages us to consider the secret sauce in the self-describing words of Jesus in John 14:6 – Jesus is The Truth.

Cath Tallack

Right now in Australia, we are living a very different reality to the rest of the world. Today on the blog, Emerging Leaders Program Director, Cath Tallack encourages us to consider unmuting ourselves for the sake of the Kingdom and God’s purposes and mission in our country.

Karl Faase

The global evangelical church is grappling with the significant question – What do we do with Ravi? So many of us in Christian leadership have been inspired, encouraged and influenced by his work and the work of the organisation he founded. It’s a tragic circumstance and one that is becoming familiar for us to process. This week on the blog, Olive Tree Media CEO and Arrow family member, Karl Faase helps to answer the question, “What do we do with Ravi and how do we process the sin of leaders who influence us?”.

Kylie Butler

New research suggests 40% of the workforce will be seeking new jobs in the next 2 years. That’s a large number of the workforce moving. This week on the blog our newest staff team member – Kylie Butler, Program Director for Executive Leaders, shares her thoughts on life, leadership and transitions.

Liesel Hougton

It’s February already! Are you struggling to kick start your productivity as you begin a new year still in recovery from 2020? This week on the blog, our in-house productivity guru Liesel Houghton shares her new year’s productivity processes and hands out some tips that will help you engage with your work better and start 2021 with great rhythms and processes.

Liam Glover

As we move into 2021, engagement in life through glass is becoming increasingly normal. This blog explores what leadership shifts might be required to engage empathetically with those we lead through the looking glass.

The Arrow Team

A compilation of the unique Christmas traditions of the Arrow Team that in some way or another, point us toward the reality of the presence of the one who brings glory to God and peace to all mankind.

Cath Tallack

Eight leadership gifts - one for each day until Christmas, including today! Cath encourages us to take a moment each day to read and reflect on the questions to ask ourselves.

Captain Nesan Kistan

What happens when God clearly calls you to an impossible task? This week on the blog Captain Nesan Kistan tells his incredible story of being called to lead what seemed like an impossible task and shares what he learnt about leadership and God in the midst of embracing the challenge.

Leah Kearney

We all hold values. Family, work, ministry, mission - they’re there. This week on the blog Leah Kearney invites us to examine our personal values and press into the value of values and how they can make us lead and live better in the Kingdom of God.

Liam Glover

Liam interacts with the recent report from McCrindle on the future of the church in Australia, especially highlighting matters of leadership.

Erica Jones

This week on the Blog Erica Jones tells the story of God calling her into the inconvenient. Erica reminds us of an important truth when we’re walking in the call of God – God’s Got This!

Scott Wellard

COVID has seemed like a lot of doors are shut but is there an opportunity to bring light into the darkness? This week on the blog Scott Wellard, church pastor and planter encourages us to see a door open – will you walk through?

Evan Englezos

For us to flourish in our leadership, creativity is required. Urgently, we need to agilely pivot to the unknowns, seizing opportunities for creativity by letting go of past practices and lead differently as God leads through us. This week on the blog Evan Englezos invites us to think creatively about how we lead others in this season.

Kylie Lau

The demands of leadership can be so all consuming at times that when God is tapping us on the shoulder, trying to tell us something or show us something, we can be so invested in ‘good work’ that we miss Jesus all together. This week on the blog Kylie Lau reminds us of the times Jesus’ disciples missed God and how as leaders it’s imperative that we walk closely with the one that called us here in the first place.

Will Small

Words hold incredible weight. This week on the blog, poet, author and founder of ‘Lead by Story’, Will Small encourages us to think about the words we use and how we can use them to influence and impact those entrusted to us to lead.

Kimberly Smith

What do leaders, Baluga Whales and bats have in common? We all send out signals to find ourselves and identify what is happening around us. However, the reality of this season marked by various stages of remote working, isolation and restricted gatherings is that many of our mechanisms for ‘echolocation’ have been removed or limited. This week on the blog Kim, experienced leader, communicator, author and great friend of Arrow, explores how as leaders we need to fill the gap where echolocation isn’t currently working.

Aash Parmar

In the disrupted world we’re all living in right now, how can we disrupt helpfully and healthily the processes and procedures that are holding us and our organisations back? Aash Parmar talks, this week on the blog about how to hone your gifts and disrupt the disrupted.

Liam Glover

As wearing masks in public becomes the new normal for so many, our Executive Director, Liam Glover explores the impact wearing masks can have on us as leaders, those around us and the Kingdom of God.

Anna Burke

Fundraising can feel like a necessary evil for those of us that have to undertake the task. On the blog today, experienced and recognised fundraiser and member of the Arrow Board, Anna Burke, encourages us to shift our focus and take the fear out of fundraising.

David Browne

Whose voice rings the loudest in your mind and heart when you’re trying to re-invent, start again or you're in crisis mode? Today on the blog we read a big lesson from a small-town vicar – The vicar of Dalby.

Cath Tallack

As we begin to lead people out of a tough season and into a “new normal” are you sure that God has gone before you? Cath Tallack looks to the Scriptures to understand the value of being at the back of an almighty God when leading people into the unknown and impossible.

Liesel Houghton

Disorganisation can lead to real feelings of depletion. Plus it’s not a great way to start or end your week. Check out Liesel’s productivity encouragement around Weekly Reviews. How to use them and why - this week on the Blog.

Cath Tallack

It can be lonely at the top right? Today on the blog Cath Tallack talks honestly about why it’s important to build structures around you to ensure you don’t find yourself lonely in leadership.

Nathan McElveney

Regardless of how far you are into your leadership journey, direction is constantly on the agenda of thought for Christian leaders. Today on the blog, Nathan McElveney addresses how a familiar question can impact not only our own direction but also be used in influencing and motivating those in whom have been entrusted to lead.

Cath Tallack

A healthy grip on control is something all good leaders grapple with, but especially now in this season of certainty. Cath Tallack goes to the Scriptures to find some help and encouragement to loosen that grip by remembering what’s important.

Rev Dr Melinda Cousins

The last few weeks have been filled with rapid change, re-invention, constant interruption and, in most leader’s lives, increased anxiety. However, one thing has not changed - Jesus. Jesus had a greater impact on the world and on our lives than any virus or world event ever had (or could), and so today we invite you to take some time to pause and remember why you’re here and why you’re doing what you’re doing, as you walk the Easter streets again.

Arrow Team

This time we've mixed things up a bit and filmed our blog. Our last blog was about Working from Home. This time we address tips around Leading from Home.

Arrow Team

Most people have bad memories of homework – perhaps in this season working from home can be surprisingly productive. Here are some tips from our team.

Dr Steve Brown

Leading amidst COVID-19 can be really overwhelming. As Christian leaders, by and with God’s grace, we need to lead differently. But how? Dr Steve Brown is a member of our global Arrow Community and gives his thoughts on leading in these chaotic times.

Liam Glover

Irrespective of the leadership context or the influence you carry, there are some guiding principles which might help navigate the current (and seemingly daily changing) times. Like you, I'm walking a leadership journey in a context that I neither expected nor have experienced before. I hope the following reflections help you as you walk this road too.

Brad Case

Don’t lead alone! Stories from young emerging leaders that remind us about the dangers of isolation and burnout.

Dr Tim Hawkes

We think we know ourselves, but there is evidence many of us don’t. Self-understanding is the pre-requisite to self-leadership and self-leadership is the pre-requisite to leading others.

Cath Tallack

The word plateauing provokes an image of staying the same, but in reality, plateauing leaders are really in decline. Are you at risk of plateauing in your leadership and what can you do to turn it around?

Martin Conway

Do you want to start 2020 fresh? Maybe you need to begin by looking behind you.

Mike Stevens

It’s January and before you know it Easter will be upon us. How do you make the most of the first month of 2020?

Em Seinemeier

Are you going through the motions of leadership without considering the need for learning? How would you answer the questions in this blog?

Liam Glover

What do Christmas leadings look like through a festive framework of Gifts, Holidays and Decorations?

Peter Stone

What is the normal relationship between ministry and governance in Christian organisations? Could it be more like a tango than a tug-of-war?

Dr Tim Hawkes

Are you a revolutionary leader? Perhaps this leadership style is required because the definition of leadership has become corrupted by the world.

Liam Glover

As a leader with ADHD Liam knows the challenges and opportunities associated with focus and attention when leading. Here are a few things he’s discovered leading in light of his ADHD.

Ed Vaughan

Think you don’t need to worry about burn out? Think again…

Rachel Glover

There’s a huge rise in spouses working together in ministry. But how do you do it well for both the sake of your marriage and the fruitfulness of the organisation?

Mark Dean

Love isn’t something you immediately associate with leading others but Jesus makes it’s pretty clear that’s how He wants us to live our lives. How are you incorporating love into your leadership?

Rachel Glover

We have all lived through the past few years where the world literally changed. And with that change I’ve noticed a “it’s not my responsibility” vibe. How long can we really keep up the dialogue that blames Covid for everything? With this in mind I wonder if we can change that by living out two principles when dealing with our ‘customers’. (clients, staff, congregation, students, team members, even your family.)

Liesel Houghton

How many e-mails do you have sitting in your inbox right now? You might not be aware of the stress and anxiety that is causing you – Take the Zero Inbox Challenge!

Peter Carolane

Leaders often build teams with people just like them but there is power in diversity. Why should you hire people not like you?

Cath Tallack

Have you felt the tension of who gets the glory in Christian Leaders? Is it all God, do I get some? How do you manage the tension of Gifts, God and Leadership?