New Executive Leaders Program Director 2021


With the end of year retirement of Arrow’s founding Executive Leaders Program Director Peter Stone, we excitedly share the news of the appointment of Kylie Butler to this role from 2021.

Liam Glover, Executive Director of Arrow Leadership, shared, “We are so excited about all that Peter has accomplished in his 7 years of serving Arrow. And we are very excited about the future as Kylie assumes leadership in this critical role next year.”

Peter has made an indelible mark on Christian leaders and organisations around Australia through the development and leadership of the innovative Not for Profit Executive Leaders Program and Education Executive Leaders Program. As he embraces the novel idea of retirement, the program foundation he has prepared will be built upon by new appointee, Kylie Butler.

Kylie Butler has a wealth of experience in working with executives, their teams and organisations in the for profit and not for profit sectors. Kylie is Managing Director of Christian Coaching Institute, an Arrow Leader and a facilitator for both the Emerging Leaders Program and Executive Leaders Program.

Kylie shared, “I am thrilled to join the Arrow Leadership team in 2021. Having been an Arrow participant and facilitator I have seen first hand the dramatic impact of Arrow’s investment into Christian leaders across various sectors. I am honoured to join the team in engaging, stretching and releasing Christian leaders in the Executive Leaders Program.”

Liam continued, “Kylie’s unique set of skills, experience and expertise will, through her leadership, refine and enhance the Executive Leaders Program, bringing increasing innovation to the methodology and content of the Program.”

Whilst Peter is officially retiring, he will continue as a facilitator for Arrow in the years to come.

Liam remarked, “Arrow has been blessed with an incredible team throughout its 25 year history. As Peter passes the leadership baton to Kylie, I am confident leaders will continue to be engaged, stretched and released towards transformation.”

Indicative of the feedback received from Executive Leaders Program participants, James recently shared of Peter, ‘I am so thankful for your leadership and guidance last year and attribute much of my growth as a person and leader to you and Arrow. The program really did change my life and I am thankful for all that God taught me throughout the journey.’