Recognising the strategic priority to develop leaders for the next generation, Arrow Leadership and Alphacrucis College have created a new pathway for Arrow Leaders by enabling participants in the Arrow Emerging and Executive Leaders programs to gain credit towards the Alphacrucis Graduate Certificate of Leadership and Master of Leadership programs. As Australian enrolled Alphacrucis students they are eligible for FEE-HELP to cover the cost of the Arrow and Alphacrucis programs.

The agreement also opens the way for further teaching and research collaboration between Arrow and Alphacrucis.

Arrow Leadership is committed to community transformation by developing Christian leaders who are led more by Jesus, who lead more like Jesus and who lead more to Jesus. It sees these Christian leaders influencing and transforming people, churches and organisations as they are engaged, stretched and released for Kingdom influence and service.

Alphacrucis mission to equip Christian leaders to change the world is carried on through its higher education programs. It is the college of the Australian Pentecostal movement, with leadership programs from VET to DMin and PhD levels, and on the path the accreditation as a Christian University.

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Arrow Leadership

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Julian Dunham – Emerging Leaders Program Director,

Alphacrucis College

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