Not For Profit Executive Leaders 


Arrow Leadership offers two specialist Executive Leaders Programs aimed at the next generation of leaders in the Not For Profit sector and the Education sector. These two Programs run concurrently for greater participant engagement across both specialist Programs.

Arrow Leadership Programs focus on three key areas: character, call and capability.  Our goal is to develop Christian leaders who are up to the challenges of modern organisational and professional life. When their work is done in the name of Jesus, who could demand less?

Not for Profit Executive Leaders Program (brochure)

The ideal applicant is someone with a deep commitment to the NFP sector and a role that involves leadership of people, resource management and/or culture.  Our goal is to develop and equip men and women who will be the emerging senior executives in the NFP sector.

The Programs have a common core curriculum:

  • Module 1: The Character and Integrity of the Leader: developing a Christian mind on leadership, addressing the danger of self deception, understanding individual preferences and their impact, balancing determination and humility, building supportive and challenging relationships.
  • Module 2: Leading a Team: the five disciplines of effective team leadership, measuring and improving team performance, making conflict a resource, giving and receiving constructive feedback, managing stakeholders and interdependence, leading change.
  • Module 3: Leading and Transforming the Organisation: developing and implementing strategy, diagnosing and influencing culture, balancing competing stakeholder expectations, identifying and managing risk, communication, staying true to purpose.

Each Program employs case studies and scenarios relevant to the NFP sector and uses presenters with a proven track record of effective leadership in that sector.

Each participant is assigned a coach who guides and supports them throughout the Program.  Coaches are assigned thoughtfully according to the needs and location of each participant.  All coaches are experienced in the NFP sector.

How & When?

Each cohort of Executive Leaders will include up to 30 participants and is made up of three residential learning modules.  The learning journey includes three, four-day Residential Retreats over a nine month period.  In addition to an Induction session (prior to the first residential retreat), there are three peer group gatherings throughout the period with dates decided upon within the group and usually a half day commitment meeting at a centralised point for your group.

Next Program: *

  • Program commences February 2021
  • First Residential, 4 - 7 March 2021 (Sunshine Coast, Qld)
  • Second Residential, 27 - 30 May 2021 (Melbourne, Vic)
  • Third Residential, 21 - 24 October 2021 (Sydney, NSW)

*Our 2021 plans for residential experiences are contingent upon the Covid-19 practices of each State and Territory in place at or close to the time of the residentials. We are planning for national gatherings. However, if necessary, we will resort to gatherings in smaller groups should this be required of us. Thank you for your understanding in this regard.



Arrow Leadership values the partnership with two of Australia’s leading theological and ministry training providers, Australian College of Ministries (ACOM) and Alphacrucis College, which provides participants pathways to complete formal qualifications in the field of Christian leadership.

For more information please contact:

ACOM - Stephen Parker (Academic Coursework Manager)

Alphacrucus - Glenda Hepplewhite (Director of Academic Quality & Administration) 

Fees and Payment Options

The full cost of undertaking the Arrow Leadership Not For Profit Executive Leaders Program in 2021 is $8,250, excluding the purchase of books and airfares. 

Total Program fees cover:

  • All residential accommodation, meals and tuition
  • All program materials (excluding books purchased for the Guided Reading Program)
  • One-on-one coaching / mentoring
  • Leadership assessment tools and follow-up consultation
  • Contact and liaison time with the Arrow Leadership Program Team

Participants are primarily responsible for the payment of fees (reduced by approved Partnership Fund support where applicable). All successful applicants will be required to personally pay a $750 deposit upon acceptance of the offer.

Outlined below are our payment options. The option chosen has no direct bearing on whether or not an applicant is offered a position in the Program.



Following payment of the $750 deposit, participants will pay the balance of:

$7,500 prior to the first residential.

Payment plans are available upon request.

With Partnership Fund subsidy (where applicable) 

Following payment of the $750 deposit participants will pay $7,500 less the Partnership Fund subsidy prior to the first residential.

eg. If Partnership Fund subsidy totals $1,300 then following payment of the $750 deposit, the balance payable prior to the first residential will be $6,200. ie $7,500 - $1,300.



Australian College of Ministries (ACOM)

Following payment of deposit to Arrow Leadership, participants will register as students of ACOM. ACOM student fees will be payable to ACOM, a portion of which is returned to Arrow Leadership to cover the Arrow Program fees.
ACOM queries can be directed to Stephen Parker, Student Engagement Manager, ACOM on
0410 614894 or

Alphacrucis College (Alphacrucis)

Following payment of deposit to Arrow Leadership, participants will register as students of Alphacrucis. Alphacrucis student fees will be payable to Alphacrucis, a portion of which is returned to Arrow Leadership to cover the balance of the Arrow Program fees.
Alphacrucis queries can be directed to Glenda Hepplewhite,  or visit


Participants utilizing Fee-Help must ensure they are eligible for Fee-Help by the date of acceptance of the offer to participate in the Arrow Leadership Executive Leaders Program.


Becoming involved

  • Register yourself to participate in the Program.
  • Nominate a leader to participate in the Program.
  • Sponsor a leader to participate in the Program.


Peter Stone

For any questions or enquiries, please contact the Executive Leaders Program Director.

Peter Stone