The Value of Values

Reducing Leadership Stress by Knowing Your Values.

by Leah Kearney

[3 minute read]


There’s screaming, crying, and a small human that I love dearly telling me I’m the worst person in the world because I’m not serving pizza. The worship track in the background seems a little out of place as I try to get Mr 6 to put down the remote and Miss 7 to put on some pants. Now the yelling has woken the baby, and I haven’t set the table which is still covered in the remnants of today’s home-schooling. I close my laptop having managed a grand total 30 minutes of work for the day. It’s 5:30pm but I blink and suddenly it’s 8pm. Kids are in bed, baby is sleeping, dishes are done – (man I wish we had a dishwasher), washing is folded, house is semi tidy, and I’ve printed off the remote learning tasks for tomorrow.  

Now! To work!

8:45pm. *Cue baby crying*

This is really hard.

What we are all going through right now is really hard and can feel overwhelming. Now, you may not entirely relate to my new ‘normal’ when it comes to being overwhelmed, but I have no doubt that there are things that just feel too hard right now for you. Work. Relationships. Home. Family. Isolation. Study. Anything to do with online. (The word pivot.)

They are all being touched with change. And change usually means choices to be made.

Dr. Peter Janetzki says that when our bodies are placed under stress, decision making is altered. Small things can start to feel too hard, like what to eat for lunch, whether you should call someone, or deciding how to spend your money. Thankfully, our Father continues to do a good work in us, always moulding us into the image of his Son, Jesus. As such, I am grateful that there are values placed in me because of my relationship with Him that help to guide me in these times of ‘overwhelm.’


Values are decision guiding

When I know and feel confident in my values, then making decisions becomes a whole lot easier, thus taking a lot of the stress out of some of the elements of our day. For example, one of my values is ‘Family Time.’ Therefore, when I am faced with a choice between spending three hours grocery shopping or having my food delivered for a fee, I choose delivery.

I value ‘Growth’ – so when faced with options for how I use my time, I choose to study. (Side note, I worked out that with the amount of time I was on social media each day, I could achieve my Masters in that time – therefore I had no excuse! Check your screen time log - data doesn’t lie!)


Values are permission giving

Coming back to my values during this time of feeling overwhelmed has been incredibly helpful, and has given me permission to do things I might previously not have done. Things that may have seemed extravagant, now align as vital if I’m going to come out of this pandemic healthy, sane, with a job, still married and children alive and accounted for.

Each of us values different things. If you cannot list off the top of your head, right now, five personal values that you have, then I would recommend doing a ‘values’ exercise, like the one in the link below.


Values are inspiring

Living up to your values will inspire other people to do the same. You are giving yourself and others full permission to be who they are and stand by themselves. Therefore, seize the day to get clear on what your values are.

Being and owning your full self is key to being a great leader, which is actively informed by your own personal values.

What are the values that make you uniquely you? And How are those things building your leadership capacity and empowering those around you?


Leadership requires many decisions. It is my hope and prayer that knowing the values that the Lord is growing in you will aid you in your journey as both a child of God and a leader.

Both the article and video are very helpful. Watch the 2min video first and then follow the steps outlined on the page.