Tim Morris-Smith


Tims journey has been all about transformation and change from leading the migration of Finance into India for American Express in the nineties to playing a significant role in the formation of Goodstart Early Learning, which is now the country's largest childcare provider. He was for seven years until 2014 CFO of Mission Australia which at the time was the nation's largest national faith-based community services organisation.

He migrated from UK to Australia in 1999 and had recently “tree changed” to base his family in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast.  He qualified as a teacher in 2016 and became an independent consultant. He established a new charity that increases educational engagement through the sport of skateboarding, rebranded a leading Christian radio station, led a film and media company and formed a unique Aboriginal social enterprise in the West MacDonnell ranges where that community adopted him and subsequently his wife and two boys since his passing.

He held a bachelors degree in Geography and Economics from the University of Hull, was a chartered accountant, a fellow of the Vincent Fairfax Centre for Ethical Leadership at Melbourne Business School and held a Graduate Diploma in Education from the University of the Sunshine Coast.He held executive roles with Honeywell Inc, United Technologies Corporation, TNT Post Group and American Express.

Tim offered an unusual combination of rigorous financial competency, detailed project planning and drive, strategic capability, organisational savvy and creativity.  He was also able to engage across cultures and generations through photography, media production and continued volunteer work in developing young leaders.

Tim had a particular passion for ethical leadership, for justice, for sustainable life-changing investment and the development of a strategy that drew on an appreciation of ethos, pathos and logos.  His display of Agapa (love) for those he worked with was his key trait.

Tim was a participant in Arrow Leadership’s inaugural Executive Leadership Program.  His desire to lead like Jesus was evident from the beginning, and this grew over the time of the program.  After finishing the program Tim became an active leader within Arrow as a volunteer firstly, as Chair of the Finance and Risk Committee, and then as a Director on the Board.  Through his love of Jesus, his actions of fostering other leaders, and his desire to see Christian leaders flourish, no matter their context or circumstances, spread even further than Arrow.  

Tim espoused the values of servant-leadership and lived this out by touching the lives of many young and emerging leaders, as well as seasoned leaders.  Tim had a deep passion for leaders, and was committed to fostering Christian leaders.  He was an entrepreneurial leader, someone who enabled other leaders to reach forward through vision and strategy.  Tim was someone who both sought and created opportunities.  Yet his most compelling leadership exemplar was as a husband to Berni and father to his two sons Daniel and Isaac.